Matt Chase photo 

Name: Matt Chase

DOB: 07/31/1995

Age: 19

Hometown: Chanhassen, MN

Height: 5-5

Weight: 140

Instagram: @mattchase5

Setup: Burton Women’s Déjà vu Restricted Snowboard, Burton Malavita EST Bindings, Burton Ion Boots

Other sponsors: The House Boardshop & Burton

Where do you attend school?

Westminster in Utah

How was your season last year?

Way too much fun! I got to snowboard every day, travel a bit, and film some too.

What are your plans/goals  for the upcoming season?

I’m looking forward to film at some burly urban spots this year. The House Boardshop is going to help me out. I’m looking into getting a few construction vests so we don’t get busted shoveling on top of roofs and such.

I’m also traveling the Rev Tour Slopestyle circuit this year, USASA Nationals, PBRJ National Championships, and whatever other trips comes along my way.

What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while snowboarding?

I’m at Wild Mountain in Wisconsin about to go for a frontside 900 on one of their bigger jumps. I spun too early and caught my toeside edge on the lip of the jump. I dipped my shoulder and landed a frontside rodeo. First and only frontside rodeo I have ever landed in my life. One for one.

What is the best and worst part about snowboarding?

The best part about snowboarding is that feeling you get when all the hard work at a spot or at a contest finally pays off. Such a great feeling.

The worst part about snowboarding is without a doubt recovering from injuries. You care about snowboarding so much, and you would do so much to stay in the game, but you have to cope with the fact that the best thing you can do is sit on your couch and do absolutely nothing.

Any injuries?

Concussion, broken ankle, stress fracture in the back, muscle contusion.

What do you do in your free time besides snowboarding?

I love hanging out with my friends from my school. God has blessed me with such a fun group of friends. Shenanigan city:

Something unique about yourself:

I have no idea why I do this, but if I don’t eat breakfast, I sneeze 2 or 3 times. It makes me less hungry. It’s weird.


Jesus Christ, Guf, Jayson from Burton, my parents, Bolt, Connor Piche

Matt Chase Hand drag



Name: Billy Bjork

DOB: 08/23/1997

Age: 17

Hometown: Chaska

Height: 6’1

Weight: 195

Instagram: @billybjork

Setup: Ride Helix, Ride Rodeo bindings, Ride Triad Lace boots

Other Sponsors: Nectar Sunglasses, Ride, Neff, Giro, Black Strap

Where do you attend school?

I’m a senior at Chanhassen High School. Still trying to decide on college for next year.

How was your season last year?

This last season was my best season so far.  I rode after school with my friends every day, and hit street spots on weekends.  We made a park video series called Young & Hungry, which turned out great.  Now, we have a street movie in the works for this fall.  I am also about to go to USASA Nationals and then SnowboarderMag’s The Launch after that.

What are your plans/goals for the upcoming season?

With going to college, I’ll probably have a lot less time to ride since I’ll be so busy.  I am going to try ride on weekends and hopefully find a good crew to ride with.  I still want to keep traveling and competing if possible, and hopefully get to go The Launch again.

What is the weirdest thing thats ever happened to you while snowboarding?

A couple years ago at USASA Nationals at Copper, my friends and I built a backcountry jump to learn doubles. Eventually after all of us got tired from hiking, we decided to relax and build a bonfire in the snow.  The bonfire was super cool, but eventually it got way too big and we had to put it out.  After I left a helicopter flew by checking to see if it was a forest fire!

What are the best and worst things about snowboarding?

I would say my favorite thing about snowboarding is that there is always room for progression. No matter what level you are at, beginner or pro, there is always something new to try. I love riding with a bunch of friends, all with different riding styles, and being able to continuously push each other on to better, more creative tricks. The only negative aspect of snowboarding I can think of is that it can get pretty hard on your body, especially when you are taking +100 laps per day via towrope.

Any Injuries?

So far, no major injuries besides the regular soreness in my knees and stuff.  I want to keep riding as long as my body will allow me- so far so good!

What do you do in your free time besides snowboarding?

I played varsity football for Chanhassen. It was cool having a team sport as well as an individual sport, and it has taught me a good work ethic. I also stay busy wakeboarding, cliff jumping, climbing buildings, and doing whatever gets the adrenaline pumping. I also like to chill with friends when I am in the mood to relax and hang out.

Something unique about yourself.

My family has hosted 7 foreign exchange students over the years.


All of my friends from school, the Hyland crew, the Goon Squad, my parents, and anyone else who has helped me out along the way.

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Joe Lomauro face shot

Name: Joe Lomauro (Joe Lomo)

DOB: 02/26/1995


Hometown: Loveland, Ohio

Height: 6’1

Weight: 175

Instagram: joe_lomo

Setup: Nike boots, Burton Malavita bindings, Burton Love

Other sponsors: Posh Sunglasses & Noice Watches

Where do you attend school?

Currently doing online school in Minnesota.

How was your season last year?

I moved out to Utah last fall and got to ride Park City almost every day, which was awesome. The season was going great until I cracked a vertebrae in my back and collapsed a lung. It took a toll on my riding and forced me to move back to Minnesota.

What are your plans/goals for the upcoming season?

Just to keep sending it.

What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you while snowboarding?

I smelt the Turtle that lives at Hyland.

Any injuries?

I have had 7 concussions. Fractured my T4 and L4 in my spine. Collapsed a lung and suffered a pneumothorax.

What do you do in your free time besides snowboarding?

Professional poker player and I EAT.

Something unique about yourself:

I like turtles


@Poshsunglasses, @Noicewatches, every sushi chef and puppy in a America, Runamuck clothing for putting me on the team and supporting me from the beginning, my manager (Pat Mcgonagill), The Core 3




Name: Grant Abrahamson

DOB: 5/12/98

Age: 16

Hometown: Chanhassen, MN

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 160


Setup: Salomon Sabotage 159, 32 boots, burton cartel bindings

Where do you attend school?

Chanhassen High School

How was your season last year?

Last year’s season was very promising. I met a bunch of new people and my riding increased exponentially.

What’s the weirdest thing thats ever happened to you while snowboarding?

When I was a mere child I spotted an elf on behind a tree and I unstrapped my snowboard and followed him to his cave where he was making toll house cookies for his master… Linus from charlie brown. He gave me a cookie and I left. I’ve never told anyone about this, but it is a true story.

What is the best part about snowboarding?

The best part about snowboarding is definitely the friends. Every time I go out snowboarding with my buds I have a great time. There’s nothing better then riding with people that make you laugh.

Any injuries?

I have broken my arm twice.

Something unique about yourself:

Due to my large amount of leg hair, I don’t have to wear pants in the winter.


George McDowell, Nick Belbas, Lukas Caye, Evan Severson, and Billy Bjork